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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Blackbird Fight

Now is the time of year when I start to see duelling Blackbirds.

When two males encounter one another, they frequently start to fight - fluttering up and down, apparently trying to peck each other.

This morning I saw something unusual. Two Blackbirds were having a go at each other in my back yard. Suddenly, one of them fell to the ground, lying between a car and an outbuilding.

I walked over to it and could see that it was conscious; its eyes were open and it was looking at me. But it didn't move. My neighbour, who also saw this event, said that her cat was nearby and expressed concern in case the cat found the bird.

I knew that I'd have to do something, so I approached the bird from behind, prepared to pick it up, if necessary. But suddenly, it sprang to life, and fluttered up into a nearby bush. It had merely been a bit stunned and shocked.

Another little backyard birding drama!

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