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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Milk Thieves!

Spring is well advanced in our garden now, and there are baby birds all over the place.

This morning I watched three young Blackbirds following their parents around the front garden. One of them stuck to the male's side, never letting him get more than six inches away. The male was put under constant pressure to continually find food for the youngster.

Food, of course, is the main driving force for birds at any time of the year, but it reaches a peak in the breeding season.

I always feed guilty when Ruth and I go away at this time of the year, because, temporarily, once source of food - that which we put out for the birds - dries up.

Last weekend, we were away for three days. We'd put out extra titbits, such as fat balls but they are never enough. One fat ball was "stolen" by a Grey Squirrel before we'd even left.

However, the Blue Tits got their revenge on us. On the day that we were due back home, we'd arranged to have four pints of milk delivered. But when we arrived him in the early evening, every single bottle had had its top pecked off. We were milkless!

I think that the local Blue Tits were making a point! (or should that be pint?).

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